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Forbes & Walker Fine Foods (Pvt) Ltd is the food category arm of Forbes & Walker which was established in 1881 by two British gentlemen Mr James Forbes and Mr Chapman Walker. The current major shareholder of F&W is MJF Holdings, the owner of DILMAH teas.

Forbes & Walker fine foods started recently to take the one and only Ceylon Cinnamon to the world from Sri Lanka's rich tropical gardens. F&W fine foods is committed to provide the best, healthy Ceylon Cinnamon (True Cinnamon - Cinnamon zeylanicum blume or Cinnamom verum) to the food, perfume and pharmaceutical industries and to home kitchens all over the world. We provide hygienic, safe, high quality, sourced from origin. Ceylon cinnamon products are processed under strict food safety and quality practices.

Forbes & Walker which originated as a tea brokering company in Ceylon 140 years ago is the largest tea broker in the country today handling more than 20% of the National Tea production in Sri Lanka. The group has grown beyond tea and in addition to being the most sought after broker for tea, is today regarded as the premier broker / supplier in Sri Lanka for other local plantation produce such as rubber, spices, oil palm, cashew nuts, peanuts, mangos, gherkins and others.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in processing, grading, valuing, quality assurance, storage and trading in spices, the company ventured into the international market. We can offer you the best Ceylon cinnamon. We can also guide you to start the Ceylon cinnamon business in your market.


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Ceylon cinnamon from Cinnamom zeylanicum blume or Cinnamom verum, which is entirely different to the Cassia cinnamon (China cinnamon - Cinnamom cassia). As the botanical name suggests, these are entirely two different species.

Ceylon cinnamon is very delicate in its taste, less bitter and has a taste and flavor which is mildly sweet and savory with a citrus note. This is a very versatile spice that can go into foods, beverages, alcoholic cocktails and juices whether they are hot or cold and whether they are sweet or savory. Any food or drink with cinnamon tastes better and enhances the fragrance.

Ceylon cinnamon was used by Sri Lankans from the historical periods to provide vitality and good health. In the olden days, Arab merchants took Ceylon cinnamon all around the world and Romans and other Europeans used this from biblical periods. After the Arabs, the Portuguese and the Dutch fought many wars to get the cinnamon trade from Sri Lanka under their control and they took this spice well beyond Europe into Mexico and central America.

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Fresh Strawberry

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Kithul Treacle

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Crushed & ground Ceylon Cinnamon are processed at source in Sri Lanka

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